Tripod Head Mounting Tee Knob Thumb Screw 3/8-16
3/8-16 x 5/8" screw that allows mounting a tripod head to top of                                 $3.99
Motion Slider or Indy Jib Cinema Cranes w/ 3/8-16 female threads.  
Motion Slider 36
  • Same as Motion Slider 24 but 36" in length                                              
  • Mount camera directly or use your fluid head 
  • 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" holes to mount on top of tripod 
  • Includes brake/carriage lock
  • Used to create camera tracking shots 
Achieve the smooth slides that are featured in every motion picture. Set the bar for your wedding/special event video's to achieve the higher rates you want. Motion Slider 36 is an inexpensive slider built from all aluminum construction and uses linear bearings for a smooth glide. 36" in total length, Motion Slider 36 can be used on any flat surface or mounted to a tripod base or head via 1/4" or 3/8" holes on the bottom of the rail. Adjustable legs can be added separately.  Includes
brake/carriage lock to hold carriage in place for transport.
Camera's can be mounted directly to the top plate via 1/4" or 3/8" holes (includes 1/4" mounting screw) or attach your own fluid head allowing you to add a variety of shots. Weight is 8.5 lbs not including your camera. Camera is not included. Works well with HDSLR's and camera's up to 10 lbs.  For use only on a heavy duty tripod.
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Tripod Base Mounting Screw

A simple solution to mounting slider directly to tripod base.  If your tripod has a hole in the center (most bowl mount tripods will) you can attach our screw from bottom and fasten knob to base with washer.
Bolt is 6" long and thread is 3/8-16.(this does not fit black edition)
Replacement Thumb Screw
1/4-20 x 1/2" thumb screw to mount camera on top of slider top plate or Indy jib cranes (excluding cinema crane).                                                                                         

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Motion Slider 36 SLIM 
Slimmed down version of the Motion Slider 36 that allows for a lower profile slider.  Mount your own head via included 3/8-16 screw or add an adjustable ball head w/ small detachable quick release plate.  Holds cameras up to 8 lbs.  
Replacement Carriage lock/Brake screw
(if your brake screw has been damaged, re-order here.  Only works if you originally ordered a brake w/ your order.
Deluxe Legs for Motion Slider 24,36,36 SLIM and 48
Attach to bottom rail of slider and can be positioned anywhere along bottom of rail.  Includes thumb screws to quickly adjust legs.  Rubberized ball feet are micro adjustable and allow for placement on uneven terrain.  Legs can be positioned laterally on slider for storage without removing legs.  All hardware included. Black powder coat finish.
USA only
Up to 1/2" height adjustment with non-skid rubber bumpers.  Mounts to any Motion Slider that has 1/4-20 mounting holes at each end with included 1/4-20 thumb screw.
Adjustable feet w/ non-skid rubber bumpers