Our new heavy duty Cinema Cranes are here!  Add creative shots to your production without breaking the bank.
24PHD.com offers affordable video production products that can make your project legendary.  Whether you are an Independent Film Maker or a Special Event Videographer, or just want to make better videos, you can truly attain amazing shots here. 

Our Indy Jib Camera Crane will float a camera up to 16' high and create smooth pans.  The Motion Slider series of camera sliders, give the ability to create a stable side pan without jitter.   Finally, our Xcella Rig is one of the most affordable DSLR Rig's available today.  The shots you can create are endless. 

The movie industry has been using similar equipment for years to create unique films.  Now it is finally affordable.  Preview our products above and enter the world of 24PHD.

Let us make your cinematic dreams a reality.
New Cinema Cranes are here!
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New! Xcella Rig 360 Degree Spinning GoPro Mount